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Bed Bugs in Kansas City

Bed Bugs Kansas City

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Kansas City

Quest EHS 31 heater for bed bug thermal remediation


KC Pest Away is proud to offer thermal remediation or heat treatment to treat bed bugs in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. Research has proven that heat treatment kills all stages of bed bugs including eggs! For this reason we offer a 100% kill rate guarantee when you or your company hires KC Pest Away to eradicate bedbugs by heat treatment.  To learn more about heat treatments visit Call us today for more information and a free on-site evaulation. (913) 937-PEST.

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Heat treatment is very effective in eliminating the bedbugs however,  the only down side is heating does not offer any residual protection.  KC Pest Away recommends that we treat the area with residual insecticide after the heat treatment is complete.  This added protection is one more layer of protection to minimize re-infestation of the property. Prior to heat treatment, articles that cannot tolerate temperatures approaching 140° F. (candles, aerosol canisters, vulnerable foods, medications, musical instruments, etc.) are set aside, and large electric heaters are brought into the building. We apply residual insecticides to cracks and crevices in outside-facing walls of the home or affected rooms. This is for the purpose of knocking down populations of bed bugs and preventing them from migrating when the heat is turned on.

Bed Bug Prep

We prepare each room to maximize the hot air flow

Bed Bugs Kansas City

Bed Bugs have been making their way into Kansas City.

Next, we bring large heaters into the building, and we set up fans to help us distribute the heat throughout the building or area within the building. We turn the heaters on and install a number of remote temperature sensors throughout the area to be treated. We set up a computer outside of the treatment area, which receives signals from the remote temperature sensors and enables us to monitor temperatures and ensure that the heat is distributed effectively enough to kill bed bugs. During the treatment, we spend much of our time moving things around in order to make sure everything in the treatment area gets hot enough. Following the heat treatment, we usually make a follow-up application of residual insecticides in order to provide long-term protection. We offer service to the Kansas City Area including Johnson County, Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Shawnee, Kansas City, Kansas, KCK, KCMO, and all surrounding areas.

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