Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home With You!



Don’t bring Bed Bugs home with you!

How to get rid of Bed Bugs

Adult Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don’t make good souvenirs to bring home to your family after traveling out of town. Instead of bringing back bed bugs for your family and friends, buy them a cheap t-shirt instead.

People ask us at KC Pest Away for some tips that travelers can take to help them avoid bringing home these biting bugs. Here’s your checklist for traveling out of town:

  • Check the hotel beds for bed bugs – take the bed apart! Check mattresses and box springs thoroughly – inspect every seam, crack and crevice, void, etc. Place the mattress and box spring on end and thoroughly check every nook and cranny. Check behind, under and around the head boards,foot boards, and bed frame. Look for small, 1/8 inch and smaller bugs. They are reddish-brown and look similar to a small, flat tick. Also look for multiple, tiny, dark pin-head sized dots, as these may be excrement marks from bed bugs.
  • Inspect other areas – every crack and crevice, just as you inspected the bed. If your hotel has a sofa, love seat, desk, or other chairs, check those areas thoroughly as well. Take a flashlight with you, checking every crack and crevice, with emphasis on the beds and other furniture.
  • Keep your clothes inside your luggage if at all possible. Bag your luggage in large trash bags, securely tied. Open it only when you need to take something out of your luggage.  Some have suggested placing luggage in the bathtub at the hotel, away from the bed and chairs.
  • When returning home, inspect your luggage thoroughly – again, every crack and crevice. Take your clothes (both worn and unworn) directly to your washer machine, and wash and dry your clothes. Some people prefer to put the clothes in the dryer immediately. Moderate heat in the dryer for twenty minutes will kill bedbugs and their eggs.
  • Should you find bed bugs when inspecting your luggage, leave it outside and call a professional pest control operator to make sure the bed bugs are eradicated before taking your luggage inside. If your luggage is old and you don’t mind being without it, it can be tossed in the trash outside.

These steps should be more than adequate in keeping the bed bugs from hitching a ride back to your home. Note: should you find bed bugs in your hotel room, immediately (and quietly) inform the front desk / manager and request a room that is not adjacent to the infested room. Then, of course, inspect that room thoroughly.

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Kansas City Bed Bug Heat Treatment Videos


Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Some of our latest victories in the battle of the Bed Bugs in Kansas City. Watch these little bugs succumb to the heat with KC Pest Away’s bed bug heat treatment.

Our proven system eliminates all stages including the eggs!  No other system does what KC Pest Away’s does in just 1 day!  With KC Pest Away, you will sleep tight with no Bed Bugs left to bite!

Bed bugs have become a problem in the Kansas City Area in recent years.  Once eliminated nearly 100%, bed bugs haven’t been a problem for many years.  Traditional methods of control and elimination with the use of pesticides have proven unsuccessful.  Even the most advanced insecticides used in our industry today have had little effect on today’s bed bugs.  In addition, treating areas where bed bugs live – with chemicals, means using chemicals on our beds, couches, and other furniture and surfaces where you likely spend quite a bit of time.  Although today’s chemicals have a relative low toxicity, they really aren’t meant to be slept on or sat on.  We do generally use chemicals on our treatments however, the chemicals are not the primary means of control. Rather, the chemicals are a supplement to the heat treatment. As a supplement, we don’t have to use nearly as much product and we can keep the chemicals off of all soft furniture, keeping you and your family safe from exposure.

KC Pest Away utilizes clean, safe heat to rid your space of bed bugs.  Even if we had chemicals that were effective, we would never get the chemicals to all the places that we can get heat.  The heat will penetrate furniture, flooring, walls, and personal belongings.  With using heat for a long enough time at the correct temperatures, it creates an environment where there is no place left to hide, resulting in complete elimination.

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Bed bugs in Kansas


Bed Bugs in Kansas

Kansas was once known as the “Land of Oz” however in today’s time if you follow the yellow brick road in Kansas, you might just find bed bugs.  Previously thought to be nearly extinct, bed bugs have resurged and are quite comfortable in Kansas.  In the last 5 years we have had at least a 300% increase in calls regarding bed bugs in Kansas.  First in hotels, apartments, and shelters, and now add in duplexes and single family homes as well as hospitals, libraries, tour buses, movie theaters, and just about any place that humans gather and spend at least a couple hours in any one place.

The adult bed bug is about the size and shape of an apple seed with a reddish brown color.  A single female can produce approximately 300 offspring in as little as 6 months and most infestations take 6 months to be visually apparent.  The eggs are very small white or translucent in color and are stuck to the surface by means of a glue like substance that the female covers the eggs in.  The eggs are much more difficult to spot, therefore will require more diligence when inspecting furniture and belongings.

Since DDT was banned as an insecticide, our modern insecticides don’t always do the trick on pyrethroid resistant bed bugs.  Pest Control Operators in Kansas are having an increasing difficult time controlling bed bugs with pesticides alone.  In Kansas City and the surrounding areas, we are 1 of only a handful of companies who have made a significant investment in beating these blood sucking creatures.  KC Pest Away is utilizing heat or thermal remediation to clear a property of the threating bed bugs.  During the thermal remediation process, we will bring in large heaters and raise the temperature to 135-140 degrees.  By raising the temperature we are saturating all contents with heat at or above the lethal 113 degrees for bed bugs.  Wall voids, cracks, crevices, box springs, mattresses, furniture, flooring, and other belongings all get exposed to these lethal temperatures.  We can now get 100% of the bed bugs including the eggs by employing this method.

For more information on eradicating bed bugs in Kansas, please contact KC Pest Away (913) 378-8899, or visit

Bed bugs Kansas

Adult bed bugs. A pair of bedbugs can produce up to 600 offspring in a year!

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