Spider Control 2014


Spider Control

Spider Control

It is time to start thinking about your home or place of business with regard to spider control in Johnson County and the greater Kansas City area.

Most spiders found in the house are not dangerous, but many people still prefer to keep them outside.  Because females lay up to 3,000 eggs in one or more silk egg sacs they are a constant problem.

Often times homes and business in our area have various spiders which can be dangerous, for instance the brown recluse spider.  They aren’t normally looking for trouble however they will attack when disturbed or provoked.

It is important to keep things clean and picked up around the foundation and basement areas.  Spiders will get in any opening, there could be hundreds that are small enough for a spider to crawl through.  Plug holes and cracks that are around your foundation, if possible.

They can come from penetrations through foundations and up through the wall and then into the main living area.  Check to see if cracks and holes in the interior walls are sealed.

Spiders can also come in through the ventilation system, small openings like window sills, door jams and other smaller holes in the walls.  They are difficult to keep out.

Most Spiders Are Farmers’ Friends

All spiders are potential predators on many insects. Most prey upon grasshoppers, flies, moths, caterpillars, leafhoppers, some bees and ants, and other spiders.

Spiders eat more insects than birds and bats combined. Because of this, they are helpful for agricultural lands, destroying huge numbers of crop-damaging insects. Since each spider in a field may consume a least one insect per day, their cumulative effect on insect populations is significant.  Spider control is one of the services KC Pest Away offers.

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