Spiders are generally passive and must be severely stressed to bite.  Spiders are animals that have 8 legs and use their fangs to inject venom into other animals and sometimes humans. Different species of spiders eat different things. Most species trap small insects and other spiders in their webs and eat them,then they are considered man’s friend.

Spiders will get in any opening, there could be hundreds that are small enough for a spider to crawl through. They can come up from penetrations through your foundations and up through the wall and then into the main living area through any hole in the wall.
They can also come in via the ventilation system. The main way though is through small openings like window sills, door jams and other smaller holes in the walls.  You cannot keep them out.

Often times homes and business in our area have Brown Recluse spiders which can be dangerous.  Brown Recluse spiders don’t normally go looking for trouble however will tend to attack when disturbed or provoked.  Contact KC Pest Away for all your spider control needs in the Olathe, Overland Park, Leawood, Shawnee, Mission, Prairie Village, Mission Hills, or in the Johnson County Area.

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