Silverfish are always wingless and are silvery to brown in color because their bodies are covered with fine scales. They are generally soft bodied. Adults are up to 3/4 inch long, flattened from top to bottom, elongated and oval in shape.

Silverfish multiply fast. Females lay eggs continuously after reaching the adult stage and may lay over 100 eggs during her life.  They can damage books and papers. Signs of their  presence can be seen in irregular chewing marks, holes eaten directly  through paper.

Primarily a nuisance pest inside the home or buildings that can contaminate food,
and stain clothing.  They are medically harmless. Many of their habits are similar to cockroaches and they appear to be more common as household pests in drier parts of the country.  Wood shingle roofs are a haven for these pests and no matter what you do a household spray will not eradicate them.                          913 937-PEST (7378)  or 913 378-8899


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