Nuisance Wildlife Control is here at KC Pest Away


KC Pest Away is now offering Nuisance Wildlife Control for the Greater Kansas City Area. We have decided to rather send our best pest control customer, Mrs. Smith (bless her heart) to another company for the removal of her raccoon that is taking up residence in h===er attic that we could do that work for her.

Currently, under our Structural Pest Control licensing governed by the Kansas Department of Agriculture is sufficient to remove the raccoon and re-locate.  However, we believe that Obtaining the appropriate licensing and permits is the most effective way to keep our bases covered with regard to Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and Kansas Department of Agriculture.   We are in the process of doing this currently.

Now all of our loyal customers who have come across these things from time to time will now have a “one stop shop” for all their pest control needs.  From Coyotes, Foxes, Rabbits, Squirrels, Mountain Lions, Ducks, Geese, or birds in general will have a well trusted company taking care of all your cridders invited or otherwise.


We have the knowledge, experience, just as you see with our pest control business to handle your home with the utmost respect it deserves.

So if you are experiencing any signs of unwanted guests, please remember that KC Pest Away can and will take care of your problems and get life back on track for you.  You may contact us at 913.937.7378 (PEST) so we can get working on it just as soon as possible


Rodents, Mice & Rats 2014


Rodents, Mice & Rats

Rodents, Mice & Rats

Rodents, mice and rats” are notorious pests, and because they tend to breed quickly, can become a significant problem if appropriate action is not taken to remove them from a property.

Rodents can be drawn to a variety of areas throughout a property, including in the kitchen, living areas, and garbage collection areas. Rodents may cause a wealth of problems for the resident or business owner.

Rats and mice may cause substantial physical damage to a property. Rats and mice need to continuously gnaw on hard materials in order to keep their teeth at an appropriate length. This habitual gnawing can result in damage to structural components such as walls, door-frames, skirting boards and more. Other materials that can be damaged by gnawing include wires and cables, upholstery and similar materials, books, and even food containers. The result can be a building that is structurally unsound-or where fire risks are  increased.

Rats and mice not only cause damage to a property, but they leave droppings, urine stains, unpleasant odors, and smear-marks are common in properties plagued by rodents. These have a negative effect on the overall appearance of a property.

Rodents have a reputation for spreading diseases. Rodents are responsible for spreading more than 35 types of serious diseases worldwide. These diseases can be transmitted via several different means. Rodents, mice and rats, urine and feces may contaminate food, for example, and indirect contamination may occur from interactions with pets or insects infected by a rodent-carried disease. 

Prevention is always better than the cure. The prime objective of pest control program is to create unfavorable conditions for rodent population entering. Call KC Pest Away for assistance.

You can reach us at 913 937-PEST (7378) for all your pest control needs.

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