Bed Bugs and The UMKC Area


 Bed Bugs and The UMKC Area is no doubt home to one of the Areas most unwanted guests.

Bed Bugs are increasing in numbers and sightings three or four fold over the last 5 years in the UMKC Area says Neil Wilson of KC Pest Away. Wilson continues to say “just in the last 5 months, we have treated 5 homes for Bed Bugs all within walking distance of the campus.  Most of the homes appeared to have been  of students.”  Additionally, Wilson stated he knows of a number of units both on and off campus that will require thermal remediation to safely eliminate the Bed Bugs in the near future.  Wilson is impressed, however with the way the landlords, residents, and owners are dealing with this issue.  “Nobody is pointing fingers or playing the blame game.  Everyone’s interest is to eliminate the Bed Bugs swiftly and safely. Our system employs clean, safe heat to gradually raise the temperature in the building.  Bed Bugs have one weakness – one they can’t help but to walk right into.  As our heat system gradually heat to +/- 100 degrees, the Bed Bugs start coming out of the woodwork – quite literally.  Stop and think about this for a minute.  What are the things Bed Bugs just can’t resist? C02 and our body heat.  And guess what?  Our body heat is about that same 100 degrees.” Watch this short 2 minute video below:


That video was shot over about 10 minutes and edited down for your convenience. What we learn here is that Bed Bugs are drawn to our body temperatures quite easily.What the Bed Bugs don’t know is there is a very small window between +/- 100 degrees and their lethal temperature of about 112 – 113 degrees F. There is no where to hide with KC Pest Away’s process of slow heating.  Eventually, there is nowhere to hide from KC Pest Away and our elimination process.

Wilson is also impressed with the way management and landlords have responded to this uneasy problem..  “Every building owner or landlord we have dealt with in the UMKC area, weather its is UMKC owned or privately property, all have responded professionally and have hired us to quickly and safely eradicate Bed Bugs from their properties.  It refreshing to work with property owners and management companies that are willing to let KC Pest Away roll up our sleeves and get to work” -Wilson said.

If you believe you may have see some bed bugs, click the link below to get started.