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KC Pest Away treating Bed Bugs in Kansas City

KC Pest Away is Kansas City’s Bed Bug Experts!

Bed Bugs have created quiet the Buzz in Kansas City.  But don’t worry, Bed Bugs just can’t take the heat – at least not from KC Pest Away and our Thermal Remediation system.  KC Pest Away is one of only a handful of companies in Kansas City that have made a commitment to you, the customer by investing in the highest quality of equipment and training to eliminate Bed Bugs in 1 day.  No heavy chemicals are needed and unlike other methods, we can normally save all of your furniture and belongings without fear of leaving some Bed Bugs behind.  Take a look at the video below to see what happens to these Bed Bugs during a recent treatment in Kansas City.

Thermal remediation is the only way to ensure a 100% kill rate of ALL stages of bed bugs.  The process begins with a KC Pest Away heating system technician placing specialized mobile heating units in the home along with high powered fans, all of which connect to an electrical source.  As the mobile heating units raise the temperature of the area to the Kill Zone, (120-135 degrees Fahrenheit) the service professionals will begin rotating items (clothes, couch cushions, etc.) throughout the home to ensure the heat is able to spread evenly. Meanwhile, bed bugs become visibly active as they detect the increase in temperature. But alas, the temperatures rise above what all stages of Bed Bugs (eggs, larvae and adults) are able to withstand, thus completing another successful Heat Remediation treatment.  If you are in Kansas City, and are experiencing Bed Bugs, call us right away.  Evening and weekend appointments available upon request.

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There are two keys to a successful Heat Treatment. The bed bugs need to be exposed to the “Kill Zone” temperatures and their exposure needs to be sustained over several minutes to ensure complete elimination. Holding the heat treatment at your property over several hours allows the technicians to ensure that the heat is distributed to every nook and cranny in the treatment area, to target all of the possible hiding areas for bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults throughout the treatment area.

However, to ensure that your home does not become re-infested, we recommend a small, specifically targeted chemical treatment after the heating process is complete.

For more interesting videos on Bed Bugs and Heat Treatments, click here.

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