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Bed BugsBed Bugs

bed bugsBed bugs have suddenly become an epidemic. Adults bugs are fairly easy to kill, but their eggs are more resistant. An adult can live up to a year without feeding, the nymphs only 2-3 months.

These nasty little bugs like to travel, they can be found in furniture, behind headboards and picture frames, along the baseboards, even electrical outlets in a hotel.  If you are not cautious, they can or will come home with you.

Bed bugs are not considered as public health hazards. These small insects are not known to be carriers and transmitters of pathogens (i.e., bacteria, viruses and germs). This does not mean that these pests can be dismissed so easily. Their bites can be annoying to the afflicted individuals. Bed bugs actually feast on your skin while you are fast asleep at which time you begin to take them seriously.

Your first step is to call KC Pest Away professionals to ask for their services in the matter.


There are a number of steps that can be done and they include:

• Stripping the beds, couches and sofas of its bedding including pillows, blankets and linens. These items should be placed in a hot dryer for 20 minutes to kill the bed bugs.

• Vacuuming the carpets, rugs and even curtains to kill as many bed bugs as possible. The vacuum bag should be properly disposed of in the trash.

You can then wait for KC Pest Away professionals to do their part of the job.

Multi-family housing is especially vulnerable to Bed Bug infestations due to the close proximity of each housing unit.

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